Are you a chubby chaser who wants to find your dream BBW singles, you can’t go wrong with the site. Instead of going to bars and clubs while ending up in disappointment, the Chubby Chaser Personals dating site is the best place for all the chubby chasers to meet the attractive chubby singles without any hassle or fuss. Not to mention that you can eliminate all the discomforts that you must undergo when meeting the real person in your neighborhood. So, let’s go deeper with the Chubby Chaser Personals.


Chubby Chaser Personals have everything to offer to the chubby chasers. With the good membership base in the site, you will find the attractive chubby singles easily. Whether you are the chubby single or their admirer, or you are an average person who wants to look for attractive chubby, the Chubby Chaser Personals is the right place for you.

The free membership is more than enough for you to assess the community and the site’s features as well. Free membership allows you to use basic features, but you could upgrade to premium memberships for more extra features.

For free members, you could upload up to 26 photos in your profile. You can also complete your profile as well as send free winks. You could also use the QA features to help you to meet new people. However, you can’t initiate emails to other members. For paid membership, You will be able to enjoy all the extra features that will enhance your chances to meet your attractive chubby single. You can also connect with new people through emails.

You can also see all the BBW videos. As the premium member, you will have the privilege to be shown up at the top list in the search result. So, when other members are searching, your profile will likely to show on the first page.

Moreover, premium members can use more advanced search in which you can use the variables including login time, verified, ZIP code, specific keywords, and many more.


Free membership does not cost you anything but you need to work with its limitations. To upgrade your membership, you can consider the packages below.

1-month subscription: $24.99 per month

3 months subscription: $20.99 per month

6 months subscription: $16.99 per month

Paypal is the main payment method of the site.


By far, we haven’t found any negative reviews about the site. We also dig the community base of the site and it is crowded with the chubby singles and their fans. That means you have a big chance here. Don’t hesitate to join now.


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