ObeseLove.com Review



Having plus size is causing trouble for you? Can’t seem to find the love of your life? If you are looking for a social group and want to meet new people, then you must go to an online dating website. You would be thinking that there are so many websites over the internet, which one would work fine then? A simple answer to your question is ObeseLove.com. Obese Love is a website where you can find obese love for yourself within a blink of an eye. If you are tired of being alone, emptiness and eating food alone, then ObeseLove is here to help.

Why Join ObeseLove?

Every person has his/her own choice, likes and dislikes. Smart boys want smart girls and vice versa. But sometimes, smart men want fat women and smart women like fat men. So, the reason for joining the ObeseLove is that if you are in search of making a couple with an obese person, then you must move your steps towards this website. It is the perfect online dating spot to feel comfortable and relaxed with the experience.

The best thing is that you can register yourself at ObeseLove for free, no subscription to the basic package. But, if you choose the premium membership, then you may have to pay some charges for long term subscription. ObeseLove may feel hard to find but with the help of this website, you can easily find your matching person.

Attributes of ObeseLove

As the member of ObeseLove, you would be provided with many features and packages. After signing up on the website by filling some questions like age, full name, date of birth, gender, your demand, e-mail, and a screen name, you would be directed to the subscription page, where you would be asked to choose from the free basic or premium package. You can afterward find many online women and men who are in search of people like you. There are certain other features including dating tips as listed below:

  • A browsing option is provided to search for obese singles on the basis of certain profile attributes, particularly personality traits, location, and interests.
  • Affiliation programs are also offered at
  • Internet dating tips are here for your guide.
  • Premium package includes an online instant chat with the obese love, friend or mate. You can also modify your profile.
  • Security rules are strict, as they said privacy of their member’s matters to them.
  • The search engine would help you to find your favorites.
  • You can check who is online now, today and tomorrow.
  • Automatic renewal of subscription is present for your ease. You cancel it anytime.


ObeseLove is the part of online dating network that allows you to browse the whole website, which includes many features and general aspects. Your profile would automatically renew after your subscription ends. They don’t dare to charge you additional charges. This online dating website would provide you with 100% free basic membership to log in, update profile, chat with your loved ones, and enjoy your time.